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In the Shadow of New York

City Island, New York

A sleepy and isolated island town in the Bronx - where locals enjoy small town life in the country's biggest city - deals with growing pains as tourism impacts its nostalgia, politics, and infrastructure.

Written by: Josh Hallmark

Researched by: Josh Hallmark

Produced by: Josh Hallmark

Edited by: Josh Hallmark


People Featured:

JESSICA WOLK-STANLEY: City Island in the Bronx. She and hard-working robots specialize in fun and silly illustrations for the children's and teenage market. If you ask very nicely though, she also does character design, caricatures, hand-lettering, comics, logos and even maps.

DAN TREIBER: Dan is a City Island native; a clam-digger. He turned his father's hoarding habit into an industry of selling nostalgia, first at the Brooklyn Flea, and then eventually to a storefront on City Island Avenue. He used this business venture, Dan's Parents' House, to buy the house he grew up in. And then to buy the building his store is in: a historic building on the island, which he is now restoring. Dan is at the forefront of the movement to turn City Island into a tourist destination.

JOHN DOYLE: John has lived on City Island for twenty five years, since he was five. It was there that John first became involved in civic justice, organizing protests against the surge in Iraq and forums to support living wage jobs for college workers. John has been involved in politics ever since, and is now considered the unofficial mayor of City Island. He's currently running for City Council.

RABIA GRANEY: Rabia is a retired nurse and has lived on City Island for close to twenty years. She is an active member of the City Islanders & Friends Facebook group, which led to her taking the lead in the search and coordination of services for Jen.


Music by:

• Dave Depper

• Modern Language

• Lee Rosevere

• Michael Howard

• Alex Fitch

• Aaron Mist

• Alexandre Navarro

Music courtesy of Free Music Archive


Topics: City Island, New York, New York City, The Bronx


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