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We Found Busytown

Port Townsend, Washington

On the peninsula of a peninsula, in the northwest of the Northwest, there is a town whose citizens pride themselves on being masters of trade; and that trade is less commodity and more currency. Some call it Busytown, others refer to it as Lynchian; and in many ways, it's where this podcast began.

Today we head to Port Townsend, and tell stories of tazing deer, a boat race to Alaska, a family who dresses as superheroes, feasting on roadkill, and me slowly losing my mind in a cabin in the woods.

Written by: Josh Hallmark

Researched by: Josh Hallmark

Produced by: Josh Hallmark

Edited by: Josh Hallmark


People Featured:





Music by:

• Dave Depper

• Will Bangs

• Podington Bear

• Alex Fitch

• DR

Music courtesy of Free Music Archive


Topics: Port Townsend, Washington, Local Trade, Local Currency, David Lynch, Twin Peaks

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