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Madrid, New Mexico

A high desert ghost town is revitalized as an unincorporated, off-the-grid artists' community. In this ungoverned, un-policed town of 219, law enforcement consists of a self-appointed, five-person Intervention and Safety Team. This town and its governing by volunteerism will change the way you think about law enforcement, guns, ethics, and their impact on community.

Written by: Josh Hallmark

Researched by: Josh Hallmark

Produced by: Josh Hallmark

Edited by: Josh Hallmark


People Featured:

CONNIE MAYHEW: Connie owns and operates Madrid's one and only roadside attraction, a donation-based photo park.

MIKE T: Mike is the self-appointed head of a volunteer security team, in a town with no police.


Music by:

• Dave Depper

• Charles Atlas

• Nowhere Home

• Alex Fitch

Music courtesy of Free Music Archive


Topics: Madrid, New Mexico, Art, Off-grid, Police, Police Reform


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