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0508 | We Only Spoke, and Never Sung

Updated: Feb 23

The Debra Feldman files from Hackensack PD were just 18 pages; but it only took one to make a massive impact and prove several long-standing speculations.

This episode was written, produced, and researched by Josh Hallmark.

Research assistance by Ben Lamb, Shana Wilensky, Kaz, and Michelle Tooker

Patreon producers: Alexa Horn, Amy Basil, Annette, Benjamin Cioppa-Fong, Casey Jensen-Richardson, Dana Keith, Dr. Jill Cooper, Drew Vipond, Hallie Reed, Jessica Alihodzic, Jillian Natale, John O'Leary, Kendall C, Kimberly K, Lauren F, Lindsay Kurtis, Lynnlie Tuschoff, Manolis Boukolus, Meggan Capps-Seawel, Mike Sherman, Nicole and Dennis Henry, Sara C, SC, Shannon Foster, Shelly Brewer, Tuesdi Woodworth, Zack Ignatowicz Warren, and Lydia Fiedler






It's Not by Aimee Mann

Few people write about hopelessness with such humanity quite like Aimee Mann. I could have picked any song from this album; but in the end, 'It's Not' felt the most connected to addiction and, more importantly, our struggle to overcome it. And the risk it puts us at.


Possess by William Hellfire

Hearsay by Radical Face

Home Movies by Radical Face

Comets & Sparks by Sergey Cheremisinov

Featherlight (Remix) by Lee Rosevere

Going Home, Trying to Catch Feathers Together by Whithe

From Above by Dan Mayo



• FOIA files

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics; A son's torment: Believing a serial killer strangled his mother

• Spokeo



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Israel Keyes, Debra Feldman

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