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8 | Rotten Love

If Laura Frizzo knows Kelly best, then Walt Ammerman probably knew Jason best. We get to know Jason through an interview with friend and eventual informant, Walt. Then we explore Kelly's Facebook and its odd parallels to her crimes, and an unsolved Indiana homicide and its odd parallels to Chris Regan's murder.





Written, researched, and produced by Josh Hallmark Research assistance by Stephanie Sabin



William Hellfire: Possess

Sergey Cheremisinov: Sleepers

Chris Zabriskie: Last Night I Dreamt I Saw True Love in Your Eyes

Stacxk: River Ice Breaking Whithe: Consequences

Radical Face: Tension

Radical Face: Ashes in the Wind

Radical Face: Hunted


U.P. Matters

Michigan Live

Iron Mountain Daily News

Where Monsters Hide: Sex, Murder, and Madness in the Midwest by M. William Phelps


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