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0514 | Another Life

The season finale.

Written, researched, edited, and produced by Josh Hallmark.

Additional research by: Jordan Taylor, Shana Wilensky, Michelle Tooker, and Kim K.

Research assistance by: Andrew French and Kaz.

Special thanks to Jordan Taylor, Jessica Alihodzic, illian Natale, and Bridget LaMell.

Patreon producers: Amelia Hancock, Amy Basil, Annette, Benjamin Cioppa-Fong, Casey Jensen-Richardson, Dr. Jill Cooper, Drew Vipond, Elizabeth Weidner, Hallie Reed, Jillian Natale, John O'Leary, Kendall C, Kimberly K, Lauren F, Lindsay Kurtis, Lynnlie Tuschoff, Manolis Boukolus, Meggan Capps-Seawel, Mike Sherman, Nicole and Dennis Henry, Sara C, Sarah King, SC, Shannon Foster, Shelly Brewer, Tuesdi Woodworth, Zack Ignatowicz Warren, and Lydia Fiedler.






Blood Run Through Me by Heather Woods Broderick

There is both so much and so little connectivity in this show, in this production; parasocial relationships and yearning for connection... over and through grief. It can be and has been exhausting. And I've never needed a break more.


Possess by William Hellfire

Hunted by Radical Face

Tension by Radical Face

Sleepers by Sergey Cheremisinov

Oval Window by Yehezkel Raz

Smother by Whithe

The Faun by Yotam Agam

Fad to Blue by Roniit xx by Raz Burg Tumbleweed Texas by Chris Haugen



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Israel Keyes, Samantha Koenig, Lauren Spierer, Kami Vollendroff, Eugene Hyatt, James Lamar Tidwell, Kimberly Ann Forbes, Lorraine Currier, Bill Currier, Debra Feldman, Suzy Lyall, Karen S. Adams, Mark Julian Oldbury


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