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0401 | Obsession

New tips, sources, cold cases, and revelations take Josh back into the story of Israel Keyes. In the season premiere, Josh heads to Upstate New York and stumbles upon what may just be the key to finding Keyes's kill kits and his victims.



Written, researched, and produced by Josh Hallmark

Research assistance by Becca Cline, Andrew French, Michelle Kaszuba, Michelle Tooker, and Shana Wilensky

Featuring: Michelle Kaszuba


William Hellfire: Possess

Esther Abrami: No. 8 Requiem

pATCHES: Hard to Let Go of Grammar

Sir Cubworth: The Quiet Aftermath

Radical Face: Ashes Radical Face: Tension

Sergey Cheremisinov: Sleepers

Wild Beasts: His Grinning Skull


NAMUS The Charley Project Franklin County Assessor's Office


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